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if you can SEA it, you can be it

Ebb and Flow

The symbolic meaning of With the Current refers to the everchanging patterns of water and tides. 

In nature, water flows in various directions due to natural forces. They are beyond our control, just as in life, circumstances often bring changes we cannot predict.

With the Current understands that to get back on track, we must recognize and identify the way tides rise and fall. By embracing the ocean's natural rhythms and adapting to them, we can all navigate the currents more effectively.

We all have the ability to navigate, to pivot and thrive, and to adopt the tools necessary to succeed. 

Embodying a Coaching Mindset

I have always been a catalyst for change and transformation. From early on, I understood the significance of being accountable for your actions and maintaining a growth mindset to get ahead and achieve goals. I adopted the wisdom of understanding that change was the only thing in life that was constant, and it was how we dealt with change that gave us our strength and determined our success. 

Recent events in my life and career have catapulted me into an accelerated growth mindset that brought me back to the aspects of life that I believe should never go dormant; self-development, introspection, and gaining skills to achieve the most powerful life we can have. The key to going through life is remembering that things happen for us, never to us.

I am committed to helping others transform their lives, turning their experiences into advantages and learning how to overcome any tsunami size wave that will eventually come crashing down. 

The WAVES of my Coaching Pillars are:

  • Wisdom through Awareness

  • Acceptance and Accountability

  • Visionary Exploration and,

  • Empowered Action

At one point or another, we have all questioned the paths we have chosen and asked ourselves how to regain a life that is aligned with purpose and fulfillment. 

Some of the thoughts in our head go like this:

  • "Something just doesn't feel right anymore in my life."

  • "I'm no longer fulfilled in my job, in my work, in my relationship."

  • "I feel stuck." 

  • "I don't think I am living up to my true potential."

  • "Why does change have to be so hard?"

  • "I don't know what it is, but something needs to change."

  • "I don't know that I'll ever bounce back from this life-changing event."


If those are questions or concerns you've ever experienced or are experiencing today, let me be the first to congratulate you on being human.  Life is long, it is beautiful, it is complicated, and it is sometimes messy. We were not born with the rulebook to our lives. We go through chapters, through phases, through triumphs, through dumps, and most of all continuous changes. 

Coaching is a service offering that can be an empowering bond developed between a Coach and a Client. Designing a life you love takes a conscious effort. It requires introspection and work. It requires championing. It requires accountability. And it requires a personalized approach. 

My HR experience and focus on growth and development will serve as invaluable accountability and change agent partner. 


"A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its original dimension."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Aligning your Career with Your Purpose 
With the PDA

I want you to visualize two different scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Waking up each day, dreading to go to work. Strongly disliking the type of work that you do and becoming frustrated at other areas in your life because your work isn't fulfilling. You might not even be the best at it, but it is what you are doing because it is what you know or you have been used to doing all along. You wake up each day wondering, is this it? 

Scenario 2 - Waking up each day, this time excited to tackle your work day. You approach the  things you need to do with excitement. Your work challenges you, it helps you grow, it makes you feel accomplished! You are hit with constant releases of dopamine, and you find yourself engaged, maybe even happy?

If you have ever related to scenario 1, why would you not want to go for scenario 2? It is possible! Do you know how I know? Because I eventually I found myself stuck in scenario 1. Everything was fine. I had a good job. I liked my coworkers. There was work that was meaningful, but I soon after started to ask myself, is this it? Something is missing. I don't know what it is, but I know it. 

Although I had started to question my path, I had already known who I am and what I bring to the table. However, by diving in more to my behavioral profile, that's when I began to fully understand the path that I should walk, no, run!

The PDA confirmed for me that, from an HR perspective, the roles that I was most compatible with were "Creative Generalist" and "Concrete Generalist." Prior to this, I had no idea what a "Creative or concrete Generalist" was.

The PDA defines a Creative Generalist as someone who is Concrete, Direct, and Determined. They make decisions without hesitation, based on regularly available information or data. They focus primarily on the "big picture" and global plans, rather than the details. 


A Concrete Generalist is someone who is Dynamic, Cordial, and Communicative. They adapt quickly to changing tasks and situations. They will try to fit many activities and tasks into the time that is available. They are always looking to change and improve current processes and results.

With this knowledge and insight, I reflected on my career and was able to understand why I was more successful in some roles and less influential in others. The job that I had where I had won an award for all of the changes and projects that I had implemented over the span of my tenure, looking back, was the best kind of job for me because I was empowered and encouraged to use my natural strengths.

I decided to look more into my job definitions online. Although there wasn't a lot for a concrete generalist, it turns out that there is a whole world for the creative generalist. 


As it turns out, "a creative generalist is someone who has diverse skills, interests, and knowledge. They are curious multi-disciplinary thinkers who can explore many different avenues for approaching a problem or challengeCreative generalists can be more innovative and creative than their specialized peers because they have a more comprehensive range of interests and skills to bring together. They are great at connecting seemingly wholly different pieces of information and pull from a wide variety of life and career experiencesCreative generalists are passionate and curious about an industry or area and are willing to take on a project as if it was their own." Thank you Coach Murielle Marie!

When I read this, I thought someone might be writing my professional bio :) But in all seriousness, it provided concrete validity to who I am, what my strengths are, how I should be using them, and most importantly, on my terms.

While this is my story, I would love to help you find yours with my coaching and the help of the PDA HR Technology. If you think you are living out of alignment with your core strengths, you might be right. Let's explore them together!

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