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Business Coaching & HR Solutions

Our solutions are designed to match your organizational needs to drive growth, productivity, and success. 

Business leaders strive for success, growth, and productivity.

The largest obstacle that prevents business leaders from achieving their goals are employees that become disengaged, burned out, and eventually become quiet quitters. Gallup's State of the Global Workplace 2023 reports that over half of the American workforce are both quiet quitting and stressed.


Training and managing employees can be the largest use of resources (time and money) that is only exacerbated with high turnover and improper management.


With the Current Solutions specializes in empowering businesses to recruit effectively, relate positively, resulting in retention.

Our services are designed for organizations committed to making informed hiring decisions that align employees’ unique personalities and strengths with the right jobs, energy matching competencies, and unique leadership orientation, while simultaneously fostering a culture of success and productivity that drives engagement, retention, and happiness.


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Skill Based

Become strategic with your recruitment efforts by targeting talent that align with your organizational culture, values, and compatibility with leadership. control and reduce turnover by making informed hiring decisions with sophisticated hr analytics and behavioral profile assessments. 

Data Driven Performance Management

Reach your highest potential by understanding your behavioral profile, and of your team.

Understand tendencies for risk, extraversion, patience, norms, and emotions. gain insight into communication and decision-making styles. Learn how to effectively empower and motivate.

Competency Based Talent Development 

building a culture of mental fitness fosters a growth mindset, enabling leaders to approach challenges with resilience and adaptability. Furthermore, by fostering a positive and empowering organizational culture, leaders can inspire and motivate their teams to achieve peak performance and drive meaningful change within the organization.

Our Data-Driven HR Solutions for Modern Businesses


Personal Development Analysis Intl
behavioral assessments + 360 degree feedback

Unlock your organizations potential, define your culture, and develop your employees using our behavioral assessments & 360 Feedback tool.

pda reports include:

behavioral profiles, leadership patching, group trends,

competency compatibility, & competency of positions.

development according to the potential of your employees:

we define more than 1500 positions for all industries and 50 future driven competencies.


positive intelligence executive leadership program

Positive Intelligence refers to the measure of the relative strength of your positive vs negative mental muscles. it is the missing link between IQ, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence. 

we're helping every human build mental fitness so they can fulfill their true potential for both happiness and contribution. 

7 week pq journey

gain awareness into your top saboteurs and current mental fitness score. learn the strategies and techniques to disassociate from your master judge and accomplice saboteurs and replace them with research backed techniques to grow the areas of your brain related to creativity, empathy, and curiosity. 

developed by shirzad chamine, a preeminent c-suite advisor.


wiley everything disc


Get the most out of your employees, invest and them and they will invest in your business! Build better relationships, improve communication, and develop better working teams using personalized insights and actionable strategies. 


The DISC method improves engagement, collaboration, and fosters a culture of dignity and respect. 

Discover your DISC style and deepen your understanding of yourself and


Backed by more than 40 years of research!

Individual or Team building events available.

PeopleTek Leadership Journey
PeopleTek Facilitator 

PeopleTek’s Leadership Journey is a coaching process that consists of 12 live and interactive sessions.  

Each session is designed to amplify awareness of key leadership behaviors and how these behaviors work together for success. Using the Leadership Journey Compass as the leader’s guide every session will introduce tools and techniques that enable awareness and growth in that behavior.  

The participant will take powerful industry proven personal assessments. The participants will then gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others using a powerful set of tools and techniques. These will help build on leader participant’s awareness of the unique strengths they bring and that of others. The leader will create their vision and will learn to walk the talk of that vision by learning behaviors for success.      


After traversing the Leadership Compass on this 24-week (12 session) journey, the leader will be more confident and will have the skills and tools necessary to continually grow in the key leadership behaviors of all highly successful leaders. Participants will save time and will be more productive because they know what to expect of themselves and what they bring to the table.  

What are the Leadership Journey Outcomes?  

  • Amplified awareness of self and “how you show up”

  • Greater awareness of how to interact with others

  • Greater Self Confidence in everyday situations

  • Enhanced personal accountability

  • Discovery of your own unique strengths (“Magic Dust”)

  • Understanding of the pitfalls of overusing your “Magic Dust”

  • Enhanced communication skills with all levels

  • Creation of a vision, mission, goals and measures

  • Alignment of behaviors to bring your vision to life

  • Strategic planning skills for any objective

  • Insights for presenting yourself in a way that others will admire

  • Ability to establish and strengthen relationships

  • Tools for managing conflict and making it productive

  • Creation of a personal development road-map

  • Improved coaching and mentoring skills

  • Tools for continual improvement in all leadership behaviors

  • Eligibility to become CPL1 certified

  • Invitation to monthly Mastermind “Your Journey Continues” sessions

Performance Meeting

HR Business Partner Support

  1. Strategic HR Planning: Aligning HR strategies with business objectives to foster growth and enhance workforce productivity.

  2. Talent Management: From recruitment strategies to performance management systems, we help you attract, develop, and retain top talent.

  3. Employee Relations: Ensuring your work environment supports positive employee relations and adheres to legal standards.

  4. Change Management: Expert guidance on managing organizational change with minimal disruption to business and personnel.

  5. Compliance and Risk Management: Keeping you updated with the latest HR regulations and compliance standards to mitigate risks.

  6. Customized Support: Tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs, whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise.


Our HRBP support is designed to be flexible, providing you with exactly the help you need, when you need it, to make your business stronger and more competitive.

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